“Home of Modern Nuns and Modern Monks”

WING CHUN TEMPLE was established in January 2012. It came to life by the Enlightenment and the Inspiration of the Universal Truth with an Aspiration of the Beauty and the Supremacy of the art, which based on an Everlasting Cultivation on the Foundation of Health, Wisdom and Spirituality for the hope of thriving for achieving Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity and Harmony.

OUR MISSION is to share and cultivate an alternative way of living the art of life by choosing a fundamental approach to a life style through the art of practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu and study an Ancient Teaching of Eastern Philosophy and Chinese Culture for striving to understand for the balance of HEALTH, WISDOM, and SPIRITUALITY for the possibilities for achieving a better YOU by unleashing YOUR potential in this life that is yet to be Discovered by YOU, no matter where and what your circumstances may be…